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“The Cosmos Paid Your Shipping...”
We Really Hope YOU Will Be Able To Claim Your Free Shipping On This Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet Today - While You Still Can! Here’s Why... 
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FROM: Ric & Liz

RE: Limited Time To Reserve Your Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet With These Specific Stones And Symbols Chosen For You!
Dear One,

I hope you’re in a good place to “receive” right about now, because…

We just got a message to pass on to you that should pretty much make your day :-)

Every now and then, the Cosmos takes note of someone on Earth that she feels has two things going on for them in that moment…

ONE is that they are in special need of healing energy (the Cosmos recognizes the signs of this when she sees it)...

And TWO is that they are destined to do something very important during this lifetime, and so are doubly in need of extra energy and power!
Today, that person is YOU.  
The Cosmos has picked out a bracelet for you to wear, with very specific stones, symbols, and healing properties…

And, because it is so important for you to be able to unbox and put this bracelet on soon, she has also asked us to make sure you know that she took care of the shipping for you!

I know it might seem strange that such a huge, non-physical entity would care about a human being on Earth so much, that they would actually use their “super-powers” to pay the shipping on something as insignificant as a bracelet…

But this bracelet is not insignificant. And neither are you.
The fact is, the Cosmos is ALWAYS watching out for you, and keeping track of the trajectory of your life (yes even the little things)...

And sometimes the Big Things, like what you need to stay healthy and strong energetically, especially when you have a big Life Challenge coming up!

That is why we want to make sure you have a chance to get your Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet boxed up and sent to your doorstep (don’t worry, we have full instructions to make your shipping 100% FREE if you can respond today)…

...along with two free GIFTS (which we will tell you about in a moment).

But first, we want to say a little bit more about...

 How Your Bracelet Was Made, Why It Was Made Specifically With These Elements, And How To Wear And Care For It...

Your Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet was crafted for you with 7 natural gemstones which are attuned to the 7 major energy centers of your body.
At the center of one side of the circle of gemstones is a silver ingot bead featuring the Tree of Life, a symbol revered by ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians (as well as nearly every culture in history, including Buddhists, Kabbalists, and the Druids).

It represents the foundation of life in all dimensions, good mental and physical health, and spiritual wellbeing.

On the other side of the circle of stones is a second silver ingot bead featuring ancient Sanskrit symbol “Om” - which represents the all-encompassing Cosmic Vibration of the Universe.

(This is probably one reason the Cosmos picked out this bracelet specifically as a physical symbol you can wear on your wrist, that will always connect you energetically).
HOW TO WEAR YOUR REIKI ENERGY BRACELET: The healing energy of this bracelet is appropriate for both waking and resting energy, so you can wear it all day long, and even at night, if you wish to receive its benefits around the clock. 
We just suggest that you remove it if showering or swimming, and in that case to make sure you place it in a safe place such as a box, special shelf, or soft bag, where it’s healing energy will be honored and preserved. 

PLUS A SPECIAL CHANCE: Tap Into The Cosmos’ Reiki Energy Bank FREE Trial Today

Did you know that there is actually a place where the Cosmos has “stored” Healing and Cleansing energy for your Chakras that you can tap into directly...if you know the secret access code? It’s called the Cosmic Energy Bank and this is how it works...
The truth is, the Cosmos has an unlimited supply of healing power that humans can tap’s called “Reiki” and the most commonly known way of tapping into it is generally through the hands...

But did you know?

There is also another way of tapping into the Reiki healing power of the Cosmos, and that is through images!...

But not just any images.

Certain images that humans have created (by tapping into the Cosmic Energy Field) carry an energetic charge, similar to a battery that has been “powered up” by an unseen force...but only a few people on the planet know how to interpret and access the healing force from these “encoded” images from the Cosmos.

The Ten Energy Banks that are stored and charged up for your use include: 

De-Stress And Defend Energy, Angel Energy, Chakra Cleansing Energy, Chakra Healing Energy, Dragon Energy, Energy Clearing Sessions, Western Astrology Zodiac Energy, and the Power of Manifestation Energy Banks...

What this means is, once you've accessed the main Cosmic Energy Bank Portal, any time you feel the need for a cleansing or re-charging…
You can go in and choose which Energy Bank will best suit your needs at that moment, open it up, and TAP IN, instantly! The best part is, you can try it out for FREE today - actually, for the next 7 days.

Because when you order your Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet today, we will include a 7 Day Free Trial to the Cosmic Energy Banks (which you can cancel anytime).
HOWEVER we must tell you, we can’t offer these beautiful bracelets at this incredible price, with FREE shipping and access to the Cosmic Energy Banks forever!

We have a special agreement with their maker right now, but that is bound to run out and revert back to the original cost at some point. Which means...

Time is clicking away on this opportunity for you to claim your bracelet, so PLEASE be sure to answer this letter and reserve yours for certain by clicking the
order button below before you close this page!

We Have Arranged For Your Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet To Be Boxed Up And Sent Off, With ZERO Shipping Today, But Only If You Can Respond To The Cosmos’ Gift Before You Close This Page

We want to send you one of these beautiful bracelets for a fraction of what they would normally cost if you can answer this letter today…

In addition, if you can reserve yours today by clicking the button below, we will send it to you with completely FREE shipping (you can tell the Cosmos thank you next time you talk to her)! ;-)

Please don’t “wait till tomorrow” to decide. We don’t know how long this special arrangement will last, so...

Be sure to click the button below before you leave this page:
Includes 7-day free trial to the Cosmic Energy Bank to continue at $19.97/month ONLY if you decide to stay (cancel anytime).
OH and we almost forgot!!!..
 In addition to your beautiful Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet, we will also include two FREE GIFTS if you can reserve yours today: 
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Energy Healing Bracelet
  •  An aid to focusing the mind (great for enhancing yoga and meditation!)   
  • ​Includes the ancient "Tree of Life" icon, symbolizing the healing of your mind, body, and soul. It's known to bring good health and long life! 
  • The sacred "Om" or "Aum" is an ancient Sanskrit symbol representing all the power in the universe, a seed of the creation process itself.
  • ​All together this Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet is the perfect balance of protection and healing!
Bonus #1
  •  MP3 Audio Meditation for Accelerated Healing
  • This easy to listen to 4-part guided meditation will relax your mind and tap into your body's natural healing process.
  • Whether you're experienced with meditation, just getting started, or anywhere in between, this Healing Meditation Bonus will strengthen and accelerate your personal healing.
Bonus #2
  •  Crystal Healing  has been practiced around the world for most of recorded history
  • ​This book is a great way to tap more deeply  into the healing power of natural gemstones like like those in your Energy Healing Bracelet.
  • While, not required to enjoy the benefits of your new bracelet, it is a tool for those who want to dive more deeply into this mysterious and powerful alternate method of healing and energizing the mind, body, and spirit.
Includes 7-day free trial to the Cosmic Energy Bank to continue at $19.97/month ONLY if you decide to stay (cancel anytime).
Yes! Please send me my Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet (Plus My Instant Download Access To The TWO Incredible Bonuses). 
P.S. Thank you for reading this all the way through! We’re so glad you stumbled across this letter today. We can’t wait to hear how this impacts your life and gives you an immediate way to feel the benefits of its Reiki Healing Energy, while strengthening your connection to the Cosmos (even aside from the compliments you’ll inevitably get when you wear it)!
Liz & Ric Thompson
Founders, CosmicVibes&
Includes 7-day free trial to the Cosmic Energy Bank to continue at $19.97/month ONLY if you decide to stay (cancel anytime).
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